Toile Repeat

A Textile Repeat project for an introductory Surface
class. The Project was aimed at producing
at analyzing a chosen demographic and historic
toile repeats to create a wallpaper or fabric
for sheetsof clothing. My chosen demographic
was children/youth for a bedroom’s wallpaper.

Bedroom Orchesta: Motion 1 Final Animatic

This Motion Design Animation focused on what
was lost during the lockdown in April. Classes had
just gone remote in the middle of the week when
this project was introduced, so it had changed from
anything we had wanted to our emotional state,
what we thought about, and more. I was allowed
to cross animate with frames and vector illustrations,
a combinatio of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
andAfter Effects, all while completing specific
animation requirements from the class.
last image you see on the left is a style frame
forthe original idea but it changed due to the
5-week deadline.

︎ Watch the full animation here︎

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man: Book Cover Design + Layout

While assigned to read author Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the oppertunity to create a book cover desig as a project appeared. After many comps and drafts, this became the final Illustration and Layout.

Critique of LA: Image and Idea Final

A large Illustrative painting depicting a hike in
theAngeles National Forest I had gone on frequently
during my time in LA County. Being from Norcal
where the environment is so different, one thing
I realized was how commerical LA is, even in
terms of their national trails, parks, and hikes.

On a hike, my friends who also were new the LA
for school realized the irony in how fauxly advertised
LA is. My project, through color and the literal,
depicts how beautifully contaminated some of the
most natural areas in a place thar advertises
health and profits off of greenery while loitering
areas that should be untouched by suburbia.

That’s my critique of LA. 

Personal work and Projects

The two digital pieces above are the type of work
I create in my personal and free time. When 6 classes
have 1 week deadlines, I slowly work on these for
a month to experiment with my execution since often
arts education has different standards.

To the right is a Zine Ad I created and advertised
recently. It’s rather small, but designing this ad
I was able to push the experimentation in terms
of texture, loose drawing, and photography
with my graphic design skills.